Construction, Inspiration

The Gate House

It all started when Sokennie’s mother bought her a Dolls House Emporium kit: The Gate House.  Although there were a lot of different things that the kit could be turned into, the first thing Sokennie thought of was a witches tower!

Sadly, the kit (and the accessories Sokennie bought) languished untouched for several years and through three moves.  Although she had the desire to build the tower, and a lot of plans, she lacked the necessary skills.

It wasn’t until Franacapanda came back into Sokennie’s life that the two women were able to put their heads together to actually build the darn thing!  What Sokennie lacked in skills, Franacapanda more than made up for with not only skills and experience, but also equipment.  As it was Franacapanda who originally infected Sokennie with a long-lasting love of all things miniature, this probably isn’t surprising.

The original kit is a very basic one room, three storied building – very easy to put together.  But Sokennie wanted more.  After all, every good witch needs a spell room, and a bedroom, and an attic for the apprentice witch.  So that was all three rooms taken, but no space for a kitchen.

Sokennie also didn’t like the placement of the downstairs doors – particularly the fact that there aren’t any for the ground floor room, just two archways – only one of which had coping stones!  So the decision was made to alter the construction of the tower to move one of the arches to the side (so instead of running through in a gateway shape, the arches turn as an L shape) and add an extension.

A spare four poster bed that Franacapanda had lying around proved to be an inspiration for the witch’s bedroom, which now clearly deserved a bit more than the bare plaster Sokennie had planned on.  Apparently this was a fairly affluent witch, who could afford to have an extension built onto her house, and have her bedroom renovated in the French style!

So with lots of grand plans and enthusiasm, work began on Wytchwood Tower last year.  This blog is intended to serve as a record of the construction (hopefully showcasing techniques and methods for Sokennie’s fellow newbs) and as a way for Franacapanda and Sokennie to swop ideas and inspiration back and forth until they three (Sokennie, Franacapanda, and the Tower) can meet again.


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