How to Plaster a Ceiling

Step 1: Measure & cut your ceiling beams.  Stain them in your preferred colour (we went for English Oak), and then either varnish or wax them.

“Oak” beams


Step 2: Cut strips of masking tape in the exact size of your ceiling beams and place them on the ceiling you’re about to plaster, where you want the beams to go.

Witch’s bedroom ceiling


Step 3: Mix together polyfiller, water and paint to your desired colour, and plaster the ceiling.

Trying to match the bedroom ceiling to the stone circle for the rooftop garden


Step 4: While the plaster is still wet, carefully peel off the masking tape, leaving sections of plaster behind with spaces for the beams to be glued in place later.

Whoo hoo!!


Step 5: Double-check that the beams fit perfectly.

Extension Ceiling – note the hole in the middle for a light fitting.  This was created by drilling a hole & inserting a toothpick whilst the plastering was taking place.


Step 6: Allow to dry, and then glue the ceiling beams into position.

Bedroom ceiling finished – no ceiling light fitting in this room because the bed will take up most of the space.

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