Magic Mirror, on the wall…

Where would a witch be without a magic mirror?  And how exactly do you put a magic mirror in a dollhouse?  Sokennie & Franacapanda think they have it worked out.  Keep watching this space as they trade ideas & inspiration back and forth.

The basic idea for the magic mirror came from a blog post that Franacapanda’s husband found:

The photo below, by Zoe, shows more detail of the “mirror” above the fireplace in the scene above. It is not real, but is created by putting a very fine black or dark net or mesh across where the mirror would be. When lit from behind (by a small light at the top of the the hollow chimney breast), the picture painted on the back of the chimney breast (inside) appears to be a reflection of the opposite side of the room.Gold Room Mirror

If a reflection of a room can be created in miniature, then why not a face in a mirror?  The easiest place to build something like this is undoubtedly over the mantel of the fireplace that’s being constructed in the spellroom – It has the depth that will be necessary to create the mirror.

By creating an alcove above the fireplace, and painting the interior of the alcove black, anything placed inside should show as the only “reflection” through the “mirror”.  But what should the mirror look like? And whose face should be inside?

Skull mold: 

Mask mold: 

Mirror Style #1

Mirror molds: 


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