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Fire burn & cauldron bubble…



When you’re building a witch’s house, one of the most important considerations is her cauldron. Where will it hang? From what?

Sokennie found a small brass cauldron in a local charity shop and snapped it up instantly.  It’s a little too big for 12th scale, but an outsize potion isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  The only downside was that it means the fireplace will protrude further into the spellroom, cutting down the available space.

So the next step was to mock up a fireplace and have a play with it.  At first, the thinking was to have it in the middle of the room with a built in bookcase on either side, but it quickly became obvious that the fireplace was just too deep to make that feasible.

Then Franacapanda suggested moving it to the side, and turning it into an inglenook type of fireplace.  After a quick shuffle of the model, Sokennie was an enthusiastic convert of the idea.  Noticing that the nook in the corner was visible through the open side of the extension, she suggested building in a unit there.  Plan were quickly drawn up, and Franacapanda cut the pieces for the fireplace.

Work continues apace.


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