Changing the frame & adding an extension

The problem that we faced with the Gate House Kit, is that as nice as it is, the fact that there’s an archway running through it is inescapable.  Add to that the fact that there’s only one set of coping stones for the archways, and it began to be a bit of a problem.

We knew that we wanted to add an extension on the side of the house as a kitchen-cum-living room.  So the options were to either source a door and cut a hole in a the side for it, or to look at changing the basic construction of the tower, and moving the back piece (with the arch) to the side instead.  First though, we needed to determine if that was even possible.  So out came the masking tape and we did a dry build with the kit in the configuration we wanted.

It was possible, but there were a few kinks that needed to be worked out first…

Once Franacapan had resolved all of the hiccups that changing the frame caused, we could glue the sides of the tower together and begin construction of a basic box frame construction.  This one come with a bit of a twist though… a rooftop garden, featuring a stone circle that Sokennie had bought back when she was first given the tower.

Of course, this meant that the witch’s bedroom would need access to the rooftop garden.  So a hole was measured & cut in the side so that French doors could be fitted into her room.


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